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Do you have a book lover friend and when you want to gift them for your birthday you have no ideas expect buying them books? Well, this article is here to help you. Many people think that there are no better gifts, in fact, there are no other gifts than books when it comes to gifting book lover friends. It is not there are many other things other than books and sometimes including books that you can gift to your book lover friend. Scroll till the end to read about 9 gift ideas for book lovers.

Gift ideas for book lovers:

These gifts which you are going to gift them will be with them for lifelong most of the time. And guess what whenever they are going to read books, these gifts will be used by them and it will remind them of you. You can gift all the precious gifts to a book lover and all they look for is books and just books in their gifts.

As a book lover myself, I too only wish someone to gift one of my favorite books on my birthday. Or at least book-related things, unfortunately, I am not the one who receives many (gifts except in my college days and when I am with my friends) least books now. But I guess your book lover friends are lucky because they have a person like you who is reading this article right not to make them happy.

Following are the 9 gift ideas for book lovers:

1. Books in their cart:

gift ideas for book lovers

Kindly don’t get disappointed in me as I am mentioning books and I know you are thinking, “Do this writer think we are here for this?” But still, it is the best thing that you can gift to them. When buying a book, also make sure which edition will you book lover fried love. The things you should consider are:

  • Whether your friend wants paperback or hardcover
  • Will he/she like the cover of the book?
  • If possible get the book with the author’s signature on the book.

This may all appear trivial to you if you are not a great fan of books, but your book lover friend will love for the rest of their lives for this.

2. Annotation tabs:

gift ideas for book lovers
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This is one of the greatest gift ideas for your book lover friends if they love annotating. Even if your book lover friend is not a fan of annotating, you can gift it to them requesting to just start with one book. They will definitely love it once they start annotating which is great because you will be the one who helped with them this. Before buying annotation tabs, make sure they are of good quality, and transparent. You can also buy customizable annotation tabs for them. Book lovers use annotation tabs to find their favorite lines or quotes from books easily.

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3. Bookmarks and keychains:

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Bookmarks and keychains are both budget-friendly and make a great gift for book lovers. Those who are fans of books will definitely love bookmarks and book key chains. Book lovers use bookmarks to avoid getting lost where they left and read the book last time. You can also make customizable bookmarks and book keychains depending on their favorite books. If you are a craftsperson, rather than buying, make your bookmark and it will gain you a special place in their heart.

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4. Kindle paperwhite:


Kindle paperwhite is a little expensive. But still makes one of the great gift ideas for book lovers. For one reason there will be many books available for free on kindle unlimited. Also, it will remove the need of carrying so many books. Having a kindle means you can have your little library in your bag which makes it easier to travel. However, many book lovers love only paperback editions. So confirm with them whether they love to read in electronic format before gifting it to them.

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5. A coffee mug:

gift ideas for  book lovers
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I know what you are thinking. How come a coffee mug is related to books? The answer is for one reason, most book lovers will be coffee or tea lovers (not all of them though). You can ask any booklovers and most of them will reply books, coffee and rain is the perfect thing they ever need. Also, many book lovers love to read while they are having their cup of coffee. Moreover, like book keychains, you can also make customizable coffee cups with the picture of their favorite book or favorite character, or a favorite quote from the book.

6. Bookstand:

Bookstands are a great gift to book lovers for those who want to have one. Of course, many people have it in their homes. One of the main problems that booklovers face or not having a bookshelf is not having a separate space or shelves for their most loved possessions, books. You can buy them a small book stand at an affordable price which will help them to organize their books properly.

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7. Highlighters:

A highlighter can be a great gift as many book lovers love highlighting their books. There are many colors and they are affordable too. Gifting highlighters along with the annotation tabs is also a great idea. As for many book lover annotation and highlighting goes hand in hand.

8. Book page holder:

Book page holders are one of the best gift ideas for book lovers. This is because books especially paperbacks can’t be read properly when we are doing other work. A book page holder will help book lovers to hold the page and we can continue reading without much struggle.

9. Your time:

Giving your time is the all-time gift idea for book lovers. Because many people who read books will love to discuss them with someone. But many people are not willing to listen to the discussion in books. If you have a book lover friend listen to them whenever they want to talk to you, especially about books. But be careful not to disturb them while they are reading. They don’t like it when they are particularly reading a plot twist.


These are just small ideas and some of them may not be affordable to you. However, you can try other affordable ways which will help your friend. If you are a book lover and think your friends should read this, forward this article to your friends and let them know what your best gift will be.