Have you realized something valuable in your life so late that you have wished someone could tell you that before? When we realize the truth, it is often so late in our lives that we can’t do anything about it then. To help you know some of the harsh truths you have realized late in your life, this blog will discuss the 9 harsh truths about life no one will tell you about. Read till the end to know more.

Harsh truths about life:

At some point in our lives, we have realized something so true. But then it will be too late to work on that. It may be something like landing the wrong job or marrying the wrong person. Whatever choices we have made, the most painful thing to realize is there is no going back all the time. You wish someone could have told you that it is wrong. But most of the time our heart or mind would have warned us and may have neglected that as always. Read this article to get to know those truths about life now.

Following are the 9 Harsh Truths About Life No One Will Tell You:

1. School is not your life:

Unfortunately, during most of our school time, we are made to learn behind marks from which start our rat race. We run behind marks and academic excellence which we realize that they are of no or very little value very late in life. But school provides enjoyment also. The school sometimes helps us live a better-disciplined life but hinders our creativity other times. But realize schools are not everything in your life, it is only a part of our life.

2. Grades are not everything:

At some point or the other, we have realized in life grades are not everything. Yes, grades are needed in getting into a good college or getting into a course that we love with high competition. But grades are not your life or it does not describe you or your character. How we behave describes our character and character is more important in everything. Getting good scores or getting the first rank is great, but if you are doing it by cheating then there is no use for the education that you receive.

3. Time wasting and enjoying is different:

harsh truths about life

Many people don’t understand the difference between wasting time and enjoying time. Scrolling social media or your phone and sitting in front of the TV is not enjoyable, it is an utter waste of time. If you are speaking with your friends meaningfully, or going on a trip or traveling, and even spending some time with your family, elder people and children are enjoying. Understand the difference between enjoying your time and wasting your time. However, how you enjoy your time purely depends on you, but make sure there will be at least a little value in your time.

4. Learn more:

Our school system most of the time trained our minds to not go and learn beyond what is in our syllabus. One of the harsh truths about life that you should know is you have to learn things even outside of your syllabus. As mentioned earlier, school is not everything. If you have time, make sure you spend the time learning new things like art, music, or painting something that interests you.

5. You should choose your career, not your relative:

Sadly in India and most households, before choosing a career everyone’s opinion in the family will be asked and validated except the one who is actually going to study. Don’t let this happen to you. You should be the one who will be choosing your career because you will be the one who will be working hard for your career, not your parents or your relatives. So make sure to choose a field of education in which you feel passionate and confident. Talk with your parents. There are many career guidance and counseling available today to help students to choose a career path that is right for them.

6. You can always pursue your dreams:

harsh truths about life

If you have already chosen a career in which you have no interest, remember you can always pursue your dreams no matter what. The only obstacle that will be in your way is your own mindset. For example, you are an engineer now but you always wanted to learn painting. Start by spending at least 30 minutes of your day learning about painting. Over the years, you may become a good painter even if it is difficult at the beginning.

7. Getting a job is not the only thing:

Many parents advise study hard and get a job and then you can enjoy your life. But after getting a job only we will realize the real hard work is there at the job. Most of the time don’t even like the job but we will be doing it because it puts money on our table. But the truth is getting a job is not the only thing. There are many successful entrepreneurs and business people who are not doing a 9 to 5 job, still earning more than you and enjoying life. Also, you should be able to handle failures and take risks. However, realizing a job is not the only thing that is important.

8. You are perfect:

We some of the times think the whole world is revolving around us. It is called the spotlight complex. But in reality, no one is thinking about us. They are living in their own world fearing other people’s judgment and criticism just like you. You are perfect the way you are and you don’t need to change yourself for anyone. The right ones will love you for who you are.

9. Everything will too pass:

There was a time before when you thought you will not get over something. But that passed and you have moved on with your life now. Likewise, good and bad moments everything will pass in life. And the bad times will give you lessons to learn whereas good times give you memories to cherish. So learn to live and appreciate the present moment you have now.


If you feel some other things are missing from this, mention them in the comment will update it too. Do you find the article helpful? Then share it with someone whom it might help. Hope these harsh truths about life will make help you in life at some point.