Have you ever felt like working so hard, but not seeing any results? If yes, you are not the only one. Many people feel like this. Often we will be working so hard and long, but there seems to be no improvement in our life or success doesn’t seem near. Why it is this way and what can we do to avoid this? This blog 9 Reasons why you are not successful yet is going to tell you that and read till the end so you don’t miss out on anything.

Not successful:

Many times in our life when we are working on something, we tend to feel like “I am giving all my efforts but not seeing success yet.” “I don’t know whether it is worth trying it.” And we give up. When we start working on some new goal, we work so hard in the beginning and expect some results. When the results are not up to our expectations, many of us give up. In the beginning, we are excited to work towards a particular goal, but as time goes on we feel frustrated and just leave and then we worry about why we are not successful yet.

Following are the 9 Reasons Why you are not successful yet:

1. Expecting quick results:

This is one of the common reasons why most people are not successful yet. For example, some people choose to work out regularly. And after 1st day they will look in the mirror and wonder why no improvement. Expecting a quick result is like this. No success can be achieved overnight. Even if you see overnight success, there will be a lot of late-night work, and hard work has been in it. Quick results won’t last. Even if it takes time, the success will be worth it. So keep doing what you are doing till you become successful.

2. Giving up too soon:

Don’t give up too soon always. Most of the time we start a process but we give up too soon. This is also because we don’t see the results. Though there may be many reasons for it. Like laziness, procrastination, and comparing yourself to others. If you have the habit of giving up too soon trying different things you will end up nowhere.

3. No clear goal setting:

Either not setting your goals or not setting your goals clearly can also contribute to you being not successful. First, sit and think clearly what all the goals you have and you have to work on. Then take out a paper and write your goals on it. Along with your goals, set a timeline and plan for yourself like how long you are going to work for the goal and what are all the actions you are going to take.

4. Not having a specific plan:

As mentioned earlier, goal setting should be accompanied by proper planning also. If you have a goal, work out a plan for how long you are going to take to achieve that goal and what actions you should take. For example, you plan to build your own house and you know it is a long-term goal since you are just starting your career. In this case, you can work on how much savings you are going to put aside, how much estimated amount you will need and what other options you should consider. Likewise, have a plan for each of your goals.

5. Not working hard:

This can also be related to giving up too soon or expecting quick results. If we don’t work hard we are not going to be successful. Even if you want to work smart, that smart work requires a lot of knowledge and experience which can be achieved only through hard work. Also don’t work hard enough for so long, you should be aware of the time when you should start doing some smart work too.

6. Not learning new things:

Whatever field you may be in, you should constantly learn new things to be successful. Even if it is your field. Stopping learning is like stopping living. Ignorance is a greater enemy. Even many people never stop learning after achieving tremendous success in their fields because they understand that learning is the key. I know everything is a dangerous thought that is one of the reasons you may be not successful.

7. Not accepting criticism/feedback:

Whatever we do there is going to be someone to criticize us. It may be positive or negative, but we should be open to feedback and criticisms. Also, there is no guarantee that we will receive only positive criticisms. You have to be willing to accept both positive and negative criticisms so that they can help you to improve your work.

8. Refusing to ask for help:

You can’t do everything by yourself alone. Even if it is hard to accept it is the truth. We can’t be specialists in everything. So it is better to ask for help when we need it. If we do everything alone then it may take longer or not lead to success at all. So make sure to ask for help whenever you need it.

9. You want the result, not the journey:

Before you want to work on something or achieve your goal, ask yourself honestly whether you want the journey or the process. For example, let’s say your goal is to become a businessman. Ask yourself why you want to become a businessman in the first place. Is it because you will make a lot of money, you can have a rich life?

But when you are starting a business, you have to work long hours than your job, probably 24/7, and work very hard compared to your job. There is no guarantee that you will be successful in the first place. Are you ready to face it all, the long hours of work, losses, hard work, and all? It is always better to consider the journey before setting your destination. If you want it at all costs, then go for it.

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Whatever goal you may have or whatever dream you may have. Discipline and self-trust are very important. What reason from the article did resonate with you better and what do you have to work on, comment down. Share this with your friends who need to read it.