We all have heard and read a lot about the success many times. What is success, why being successful is important, how to become successful, and the number of steps to success? However, many don’t talk about failure and how to rise from them. But has anyone taught you about the steps to success realization, what it is and why it is important? This blog article today is going to teach you this and keep reading to know more.

Steps for Success Realization:

What is success? There are 100s of definitions for success on google. But then what is success realization or what does it mean to realize success? Earl Nightingale, an American Author has said that ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal’. Here in this meaning lies the meaning of success realization too. We all feel that success lies in reaching a particular destination. But in reality, success lies there in a journey when we are making the progress.

Example of Success Realization:

A billionaire who wanted to earn more money and now is doing that happily is a success and realizing his/her success. In the same way, a woman who wanted to be a housewife and now is a happy housewife and found joy in doing the household work and taking care of the family is a success too. A man who is running a mechanic shop happily because that is what he wanted to do is a success too. It is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal and depends on the individual.

Why are these steps for Success Realization important?

So the next question that arises is why these steps for success realization are even important. Following are the reasons:

  • To help you move towards your journey.
  • When you wake up, be happy about the day and your life.
  • To be aware of your journey and also help other people.
  • These steps help you in keep moving and serve as a motivation towards your goals and in your journey.

How can you use these steps for Success Realization?

After knowing these steps, it is also important in knowing how to use these steps. Everyone has his/her own method of trying out these steps. But some of the suggestions are:

  • Devote yourself to 30 days of following these steps no matter what.
  • You feel like giving up and quitting, but don’t because you have to win.
  • Remember you have nothing to lose, but a great life ahead if you choose to work and win.
  • Your mind returns what thoughts you sow. Don’t forget it.

Following are the 6 Steps for Success Realization:

1. Set a definite goal:

One of the first and most important steps for success realization is to set a definite goal. Without a goal, there is no way we are going to be successful nor we can achieve something in our life. Imagine you are going out on a journey. Before going you will definitely plan out the entire journey including your destination, mode of travel and place of stay, etc. Now what will happen, if you are just starting out without any goal or any destination, where are you going to reach probably nowhere? Have proper goal setting in your life for it will guide you in life.

2. Quit running yourself down:

And another important step is to stop making yourself tired or ill. You working for a job not to be tired and feel sick because of overwork. We are working because we want to have a comfortable life and provide for our family. What value does the work hold, if the money you are earning is spent on medical expenses and you don’t feel happy or comfortable for the slightest moment of time? There is a quote that says, stop killing yourself for a job that will replace you within a day or a week after your death. Spend time with your family and take care of yourself first.

3. Stop thinking negative:

One of the common mistakes most people do is when starting to dream or setting a new goal, they tend to think negatively. And by doing this, they themselves destroy their dreams and goals and fall back into the normal routine of their life. To realize your success, stop thinking in a negative pattern. Whenever you find yourself thinking a negative thought, replace it with a positive one. Repeat this and it will help you in a tremendous way.

4. Trace back to childhood:

Whenever you feel a thought which is blocking you to work towards your goals, trace back the thought to where it occurred in your childhood. Most of the self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors have their origin in childhood. Someone especially your primary caretakers, told you that you are not capable and you have believed it. Trace it back and find out the reason. Then it will be easy to work on those behaviors.

5. Change your self-image:

Every one of us has our self-image. Our life mostly depends on how we hold our self-image. If you have a positive self-image it will help you to be more positive and confident to make you work towards your goals. When your self-image is negative, it won’t do you any good. Having a positive self-image is one of the 10 Rules to Master our mind which is given by Robin Sharma.

6. Act:

The last and most important step is to act on all the above steps and repeat them. Try these powerful steps at least for 30 days and see how your life changes. Reading these steps has given you knowledge about the steps for success realization yet implementing them can actually change your life.


As mentioned earlier, these steps for success realization were given by a psychologist named Dr. David Harold. If you are disciplined and follow these steps, no one can stop you from your success.


This post was inspired by the YouTube video that I have recently watched which is about Strangest Secret. And these 6 steps for success realization are a small part of the video. You can find the video below:


1) Who gave those steps for success realization?

Dr. David Harold, a psychologist gave those steps for success realization.

2) Why should I follow these steps?

These steps help you to move along without quitting and to be happy about your journey towards success.

3) What is success?

According to Earl Nightingale, success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

4) How long should I follow these steps?

Try at least for 30 days passionately, and if it didn’t work try for another 30 days and keep repeating.

5) What is important for success in life?

A passion and a greater purpose to serve others are important.