We all want to make a good impression on our first date. But sometimes we will get more stressed and nervous which makes things more complicated. Otherwise, we will try to spend more above our budget or create a false impression of ourselves just to make sure the other person likes us. Also, sometimes we tend to overshare some things. The first date will give us an experience, for some people the first date will end up in love and marriage too. However, to help you on your first date, I am writing here the 7 tips for your first date.

First Date:

Most people will be introverts and some of them will not have talked to the opposite gender in their school or college days. Going on a first date is especially difficult for those people. Some others will be very good at texting, but in person, they will feel awkward not knowing what to talk about or how to bring forth the conversation. Yet the good news is there is no need to panic or get stressed at all. In some cases, people will be excited about their first time meeting. Making a good impression will boost your confidence and these 7 tips for your first date will help you with that.

Importance of these 7 Tips for Your First Date:

Why making a good impression on your first date is important? Whether your first date was successful or not or have your relationship was gone to the next level is another question. But when you make a first impression on your first date, it will boost your confidence. Even when you know that the relationship was not going to work, you will know that it is not your fault and you have done everything you could. If you didn’t make the first date great, you may feel that dating is not your thing and give up on dating altogether. Not everyone, but some people.

Here are the 7 Tips for your first date:

1. Dress properly:

tips for your first date

It is good for us to appear good on our first date. Because it is not only going to help us in others’ eyes, we will feel comfortable and confident. Nobody wants to appear shabby and untidy on their first date. It is also important that we feel comfortable on our first date. So make sure that you are also comfortable and appear good on your first date.


  • Wear your favorite dress that makes you feel confident.
  • Don’t wear too bright colors such as bright yellow or orange like that. (These colors are good, but it will be better if they are not too bright).
  • If you are in doubt, choose red or black color.
  • Wear a mild perfume.

2. Make a good impression:

Making a good impression is one of the good tips for your first date. Even when the relationship is not gone further, the other person may still like to be your friend or keep in touch with you which is a good sign. When you make a good impression it will boost your self-confidence too. Dressing can help you with that. Other things that can help you in making a great impression are:

  • Pick up an activity to do together or pick a topic to talk about.
  • Avoid talking about your ex.
  • Maintain eye contact and listen to what the other person is saying.

3. Don’t overshare:

tips for your first date

One tip that you should remember is to not overshare on your first date. If you are in actually love with the person, you may want to talk about everything. But you have to remember that it is only your first date, and you don’t know the person fully even if it appears to you. It is better not to talk about uncomfortable topics such as your ex or your trauma. Reserve those topics for some time till you get to know fully about your first date. Don’t rush in sharing everything. Talk about good things and observe whether the other person is getting along with you well.  

4. Try to understand each other:

On your first date first, try to understand each other. Talk about your hobbies, work, favorite movies, favorite books, places, and something pleasant. Most of the time you will get to know the other person with these. Observe what vibe the other person is giving you. However, don’t conclude with these feelings alone because the honeymoon phase will be attractive always. We will be talking to keep the communication in flow, but make sure you have a check on what you share and talk about.

5. Be honest:

In an attempt to make a good impression, most people tend to lie. It is not good. If you are not honest, it will create false expectations and the relationship may end badly hurting both of you. Creating a good impression is necessary but lying is not needed for that. People admire honesty not lying. When the other person finds out that you are lying it can lead to a negative impression of you. Before that be honest with yourself first. Be clear about why you want this relationship, whether you are serious about and whether you are ready to commit.

6. Note about your safety too:

When going on a first date, it is always safe to choose a public place. No matter how long you have texted each other, you still do not know everything about the other person. So it is always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you meet in a public place and don’t go with him/her to another place not knowing whether it is safe or not. It is better to inform your friend or someone close about where you are going, who you are going to meet and all.

7. Don’t overspend:

The first date doesn’t need to be fancy all the time. Don’t overspend above your budget just to impress the other person. Sometimes allow the other person to spend too. Not all people look for fancy dates or luxury in a relationship. If the other person is demanding knowing that you can’t afford it, then realize they are not the right person for you.


Always follow up, if you are interested in the other person. Make sure you feel better not inferior or anxious while spending time with the other person. And make the other person feel comfortable too on their first date.